Fitness Classes

The MFC offers classes in Spin, Cross-Training, Sport-specific conditioning and some new concepts. Our class sizes are intimate (max 15) to allow for the trainers to really focus all of their attention on every single client. This allows for a better training environment where you won’t “get lost” in the crowd.

Our multi-tiered class structure begins with Level 101, which is an introduction to the modalities in each class. Once the client and trainer feel comfortable with the movement skills in the Level 101 classes, they will have an opportunity to move-up to more advanced class programming to challenge the client with their skills and fitness in Levels 201, 301 and Elite Level 401 classes.

Class Descriptions

Performance Circuit 101

This circuit-based class is designed for any person that wants a fun, full-body workout. Our trainers cater to any athletic ability to give you the best workout in the hour you dedicate to getting stronger and better.

Spin 201

This 60 minute heart-rate based class utilizes Polar Flow to monitor your performance through various heart rate zones.

Spin Fusion 201

This 60 minute heart-rate based class also utilizes Polar Flow to monitor your performance through various heart rate zones. It also combines strength training, agility and core circuits.

Level 101

These classes offer the client a welcoming, low-pressure introduction to movement skills and training. Level 101 classes are the foundation to all levels that the client can graduate to when they feel comfortable enough to challenge themselves!

Level 201

The level 201 classes are the beginning of our journey to a better, fitter you! This intermediate level of programming allows the client a window into their own capabilities and introduces them to new training techniques and modalities.

Level 301

This level is for the advanced client who is ready to train harder and see the benefits of their hard work. Advanced concepts and equipment will be used in a safe and appropriate manner to push the limits of the client.

Level 401

Train Like an Athlete! The top level of 401 will have the client using the same methods and modalities as our Elite Athletes do. These highly specialized programs are designed to get the most out of our clients and assist them in realizing their greatest goals!