Our Philosophy

Functional Training for all Fitness Levels

The Ski and Snowboard Club of Vail athletes credit much their great success in the last 12 years to the research and design of our Human Performance Training Program. Our elite athletes have received Olympic and World Championship Medals, numerous X-Games and World Cup wins.

However, our individual training programs are not the “stuff of legends”. We have always maintained that our training programs are immensely valuable to people of all fitness levels.

We look forward to introducing you to training techniques that will assist you in your everyday lives regardless of your fitness level.

Functional Training – What it really means

The MFC Fitness Philosophy is surprisingly simple. We begin by making sure you can “move-right-first”. In other words, can you move your body through your daily life without any dysfunction?

Sitting, standing, closing the car door, walking up or down stairs – we analyze how your body moves through space. This begins the journey toward fitness in a way that reduces any painful or physically stressful assessment or training techniques.

Simple but Effective Exercise Techniques

Once we have isolated any potential movement dysfunctions, we continue the functional training programs with simple but effective exercise techniques that have proven results.

These programs encompass a balance of:

  • Movement skills (Strength and Movement Training)
  • Cardiovascular programming (Energy System Development – ESD)
  • Recovery ( Flexibility and Mobility)

Additionally, the programming shifts gears every few weeks to take advantage of what we call the “Stress-Adaptation Cycle”. This keeps the program fresh and new, and challenges different parts of the body as well as physiological systems as they adapt to the program.



Personal Safety

Too many trainers and training programs in the United States market themselves as “functional” but they are not. They utilize many attractive but sometimes risky techniques and their clients think they are getting results. Quite often, popular “interval-style” programs that claim to be functional for sport, are far from it. Many of these programs increase injury risk with poorly educated trainers asking more effort from their clients leading to bad techniques and poor movement patterns.

While circuit training does, however, have its place in an effective functional performance-training model, our trainers are always diligent making sure you never sacrifice personal safety at the risk of attaining short-term goals.

Challenge yourself

When you feel comfortable and ready to challenge yourself, our trainers will present more opportunities to either maintain or increase your fitness level through appropriate Intermediate, Advanced and even Elite level programs.