Our Programming

Programs for All Levels of Fitness

Our programs provide the best individual programming and workout opportunities for all levels of fitness. Participate in personal or group training/class programs, or simply come in and use the facility on your own after a brief  “new-member” orientation. Members are free to explore the opportunities of our programming or utilize their own programs as they see fit.

Introductory Programs

If your goals are simple such as losing weight, achieving daily goals with ease, or riding your bike more efficiently, the MFC Introductory programs are for you.

Introductory group fitness classes, simple, non-invasive assessments and some 1-1 education give you an easy path to learning about fitness. These programs are the perfect way to begin achieving the goals that have been in the back of your mind for some time.

Custom Programs

If your fitness goals run “higher”, our facility and training staff will customize programming for you that comes from years of successful training of elite-level snow sport and summer sport athletes. You will train using similar programming and space as elite athletes creating an environment that will encourage you to achieve and even go beyond your goals!

  • You can utilize many of the techniques and programs we use for our elite athletes!