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As a Minturn Fitness Club member, you will have unlimited opportunities to achieve your fitness goals. You can either choose to train independently, join classes, or work with our performance training staff. Minturn Fitness Center provides a “no-pressure” environment that allows the client to achieve their goals at an appropriate pace. During classes and personal training sessions, you will be advancing through our systems only when you and the trainers feel you are ready for a new challenge.
State-of-the-Art and Easy-to-use Equipment. The first time you visit MFC, you will notice some conventional pieces of equipment, as well as some pieces that are unfamiliar to you. Upon closer inspection, you will notice very few pieces that allow the client to get into a sitting position. This is another misnomer of “functional” training; that they are being challenged in their movement skills while in a sitting position. We will be asking our members to challenge their pre-conceived notions of conventional training by applying the “whole-body” to their exercise techniques. Getting the body into the right position first is the key to success in our programs. This is the true-nature of “functional” training and is the overarching principle behind our facility and its design.
Challenge Your Pre-Conceived Notions Of Conventional Training. All of the equipment is state-of-the-art in design, performance but also in ease of use. Upon your “new member” orientation, operation of the equipment will be taught, in addition to facility flow, peak hour usage areas and some easy ideas to get you started. During your time in the facility, if you have any questions, you may ask our educated staff at any time who will be on the floor and available to you during business hours.

Questions? Our educated staff will help!

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Thank you to to the following donors and supporters who have already made Capital contributions to our goal:

Lead Patron – $1.25M
Town of Minturn

Founders – $250,000
Wendy & Paul Raether

Benefactor – $100,000
Cynnie & Peter Kellogg


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Gail & Kurt Brandt
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