MFC Class Schedule

Please pre-register for all classes.

To ensure social distancing class sizes will be limited to 10 clients only. You will need to sign up and pay online. You must sign up 24 hours in advance of the class you want to attend. Unfortunately no drop-ins allowed.

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6:30am – Keiser
9:00am – Bike with Miles
11:00am – Polar Plunge
5:30pm – Kettlebell


6:30am – Spin Fusion
9:00am – Polar Plunge
5:30pm – Keiser


6:30am – Kettlebell
9:00am – Performance Circuit
5:30pm – TRX


6:30am – Spin Fusion
9:00am – Bike with Miles
11:00am – Performance Circuit
5:30pm – Keiser


6:30am – Keiser
9:00am – Performance Circuit



Class Descriptions


This class will focus on strength and circuit training through the exclusive use of the pneumatic ‘Keiser’ equipment. The MFC is outfitted with some of the most up to date, technologically advanced equipment available today. If you’ve every wanted to learn how to use this equipment now is your chance as one of our NSCA certified strength coaches will be leading you through a workout!
CLASS TIMES: Monday 6:30am, Tuesday 5:30pm, Thursday 5:30pm & Friday 6:30am

Spin Fusion

If you’re looking for a great spin workout, but also want to get a few weights in before work, this is the perfect class for you! Our instructor will outfit you with a polar heart rate monitor to track your heart rate and guide you through the entire workout both on and off the bike.
CLASS TIMES: Tuesday & Thursdays 6:30 am

Performance Circuit

This class has always been a member favorite, and for good reason. No two training sessions are the same, as a wide variety of equipment and training methods are used to bring you a different workout everyday guaranteed to leave you feeling accomplished! The energy is always high, the workout is always hard, and the people are always fun!
CLASS TIMES: Wednesday & Friday 9:00 am/ Thursday 11:00 am


Perhaps the most versatile piece of equipment available both throughout history and in the modern era is the Kettlebell. Endless exercise options are available that can target strength, endurance, power, and speed depending on your goals. Our coaches will help instruct you on proper use of the kettlebell, and give a great workout all in one!
CLASS TIMES: Monday 5:30 pm & Wednesday 6:30 am

Polar Plunge

This is a heart rate based endurance class. This training series focuses on high-intensity interval training involving bursts of maximal effort interspersed with bouts of recovery monitored on Polar heart rate devices. (monitors provided by MFC)
CLASS TIMES: Monday 11:00 am & Tuesday 9:00 am


This class is entirely based around the TRX suspension trainer for a full body workout. This class is taught in our beautiful Movement Studio with hard wood floors, mirrors, and a Sonos sound system for a fast-paced, high energy class that is always unique!
CLASS TIME: Wednesday 5:30 pm

Bike with Miles

The class will focus on riding fitness & bike skills such as how to ride in a group, handling turns, peddling drills, interval training, etc. This is for road bikes only.
CLASS TIME: Monday & Thursdays at 9:00 am