Progressive Programming

As the client progresses through the introductory classes, you will have an opportunity to explore higher-levels of programs for each class in levels 201, 301 and 401. These classes are built off the level 101 foundation and progress through higher levels of training.

Achieving your goals is the highest priority for our Personal Training Staff. With this is mind, our trainers will be changing and adapting the program as your body adapts to it. We will be mapping out the time you need to achieve these goals. Our mission is to provide a product that will give you a newer, fitter version of yourself!

Our programs utilize all modalities of training from body weight to resistance training techniques. We add cardio programming, core stability, flexibility and mobility sessions and recovery strategies to refresh the body and mind after each training session.

Our trainers believe in educating our clients. A client that understands why, not just how they are training a certain way, is a client who can understand and believe in the program. A well-educated client is a client for life!